October 13, 2017

Room Crawl!

This is information pertains to those that have registered prior to 11/1 with the indication that they are hosting a room crawl room.

We are currently up to 26 room crawl participants, but unfortunately there are only 14 cabana suites that surround the 5th floor deck (see below on how you can snag a cabana room), but, mismanagement has ALSO reserved the entire 5th floor for the room crawl so the party can completely take over the floor and anyone that wants to participate can! THE OTHER FLOORS SUCK!!! THE OTHER FLOORS SUCK!!

What’s The Theme??

The theme this year is 7 Deadly Sins, which works really well since we have 14 cabana suites available! We ask that the theme of your room coincides with a sin and we limit 1 sin to 2 rooms…This will keep it fun and you will have free reign as to what your interpretation will be. Some examples are…

Sloth = Cuddle puddle room
Greed= Game Show
Vanity = Mirrors

How Do I Get A Cabana Suite??
We will be doing a bid for the 14 cabana suites , so bring you’re a game and pitch to the planning committee and volunteers at large on what you would like to do for the room!!

***The Hotel is excited we are using their facilities this year and have been extremely welcoming of our shenanigans which is a plus! But… there will be some rules of conduct that we will need to follow and will be included in the Hotel Information email.***

Please send an email to RDR@Phoenixhhh.org with your ideas, theme choice, drink options, group name, and names of people in your group No Later than November 30th

Confirmation emails will be sent once we have determined who has been selected to ensure the person/group/kennel are still interested. If no response is received within 5 days of the confirmation email sent date we will offer the suite to another participant.

But What If I’m Not Picked For A Cabana Suite??

Don’t fret…. Mismanagement has reserved all 31 rooms on the 5th floor and anyone that has registered for a room crawl room will be guaranteed a room on the 5th floor. There is no need to call into the hotel on November First, unless you prefer to not have a room on the 5th floor.

Room Pricing/Reservation Information

The Cabana Suites: $160 per night

Inside Rooms (1 king or 2 queen): $135 per night

Mismanagement has a list of all registered room crawl participants and will forward that information on to hotel management. They will place you in a room. We will send a confirmation email and you will then need to call in to confirm the reservation.

Below is the list so far of Room Crawl volunteers!

Hash Name Home Kennel
Alllrighty Men Phoenix H3
Ballzheimers DC Road Whore
Butt-whyy peeer Lost Boobs
Calendar Girl Lost Boobs
cPPOohhh! Lost Boobs
Cums in Colors Flour City H3
Drillbert Stinker Dick the Cricket Negotiator  Hillbilly Hash House Harriers
Everything But The Kitchen Sink Hillbilly Hash House Harriers
Gay Bait Phoenix H3
Gay Chicken SHIT'N H3
How I Met My Brother White House Hash House Harriers
Jiffy Lube QCH3
Just Todd Phoenix H3
Mouth Down South SFH3
NairBare Phoenix H3
Pedostyle QCH3
Pennis the menace Phoenix H3
Pink Eye for the Brown Guy California Larrikins H3
Pocket Pussy Poundet W3H3
Poop! There it is. W3H3
Pork My Loins Texoma H3
Public Display of Erection Lost Boobs
Read Between the Slime White House Hash House Harriers
Shitty Biscuits California Larrikins H3
Suck My Sack Lost Boobs
Temple of Poon Phoenix H3
Thumbs Up Bums Up San Diego Humpin Hash
TJ Floppy Drive San Diego Humpin Hash
Uncle jHolio Mr Happys
Vajazzled Phoenix H3