October 13, 2017

Room Crawl!

What’s The Theme??

The theme this year is 7 Deadly Sins, which works really well since we have 14 cabana suites available! We ask that the theme of your room coincides with a sin and we limit 1┬ásin to 2 rooms…This will keep it fun and you will have free reign as to what your interpretation will be. Some examples are…

Sloth = Cuddle puddle room
Greed= Game Show
Vanity = Mirrors


Below is the list of Room Crawl volunteers! Honor for these excellent hashers putting extra effort into making your weekend outstanding!

Hash Name Home Kennel Deadly Sin
TJ Floppy Drive & Thumbs Up Bums Up San Diego Humpin Anger/Wrath
Calendar Girl & Ballzheimers Lost Boobs H3 & DC Road Whore Anger/Wrath
Uncle jHolio Mr Happys Envy
Red Balls for Hire Ventura County H3 Gluttony
Gay Bait Phoenix HHH Greed
Gung HO Howlin' & Huachuca H3 Greed (all the sins)
Jiffy Lube QCH3 Gluttony
Mouth Down South SFH3 Lust
Drillbert Stinker Dick the Cricket Negotiator & Everything but the Kitchen Sink Hillbilly Hash House Harriers Sloth
Gay Chicken SHIT'N H3 Sloth
Temple of Poon Phoenix Hash House Harriers Vanity
Public Display of Erection & Suck My Sack Lost Boobs Vanity
Hot Pocket & Nair Bare Lost Boobs Phoenix H3 Tops or Bottoms


Mismanagement has ALSO reserved the entire 5th floor for the room crawl so the party can completely take over the floor and anyone that wants to participate can! THE OTHER FLOORS SUCK!!! THE OTHER FLOORS SUCK!!