July 21, 2017


Phoenix Red Dress Run 2018 was a glowing success due to all of our wonderful volunteers, visitors from near and far, and all of the local Phoenix hashers that came together to make it happen. The trails were long but the beer was cold.
Take a minute to celebrate the reason we get together like this every year, the charity! This year we raised $5,000 for Sojourner Center, a domestic violence center focused on helping vulnerable members of our community back on to their feet. We were honored to have the Lady in Red’s presence with us in the front lobby the entire weekend.
Lost and Found will be posted soon. You’ll also get survey about the weekend in your email once we get a chance to breathe. We want to know your favorite memories (or lack of memories) from the weekend!
Until next year,
Phoenix Red Dress Run 2018 Committee

See the entertaining story of how the Red Dress Run began here. 

Who came?


Why you should have come to the 2018 Phoenix Red Dress Run:


  • Beer – We’ll have a lot! There will be a variety of the finest local beers we could find, and a vitamin rich horse piss to round out the selection.
  • Trails – We’ll have a bunch of awesome trails, at least 69 of them. But seriously, we have so many options starting from the hotel that we won’t need busses.
  • Food – Do you want our meat in your mouth? Because you’re going to have our meat in your mouth. There will be 2 huge breakfasts, 2 amazing Phoenix dinners, a PB&J bar, and yellow foods. Don’t worry Veg-heads and Glutards, we’ve got you covered as well. Carolina’s options are all either Gluten free or Vegetarian.
  • Privacy/Security – We’re taking over a hotel and will have onsite security present. We have also established a confidentiality agreement with all hotel staff.
  • Gimme – Wouldn’t you like to know?! You will have to Rego and come to see what we have in store this year.
  • Charity – With your help we’ll raise $$$ for Sojourner Center. They are a well-respected Arizona local charity that is committed to transforming lives and creating a world free from domestic violence.
  • Party – Room Crawl, Talent Show, Beer Yoga, and More!
  • This Year’s Theme – The Seven Deadly Sins