IAH Media

Welcome to the InterAm 2017 Media Shopping Site!  We’ll be covering the various options our vendors and attendees have for promoting their products, kennels, upcoming events, etc.

Ad sales need to be purchased and submitted by 8/15/2017

For Interam 2017 we’ll have the usual InterAm magazine in both electronic (preferred) and printed formats.  The benefits of having it in electronic format (PDF) are that we’re saving money on printing and we’re saving a few trees.  Those who purchase a half page and larger will also get their ad placed on our InterAm sponsorship page on the InterAm website.


We will have a limited number of magazine advertisement space available at the following rates:

  • 100 character personal message for $10
  • 1/8 page (2.54 x 1.95 inches) for $100
  • 1/4 page (2.54 x 3.9 inches) for $150
  • 1/2 page (5.08 x 3.9 inches) for $250
  • Entire page (5.08 x 7.8 inches) for $400
  • Two entire pages for $700

To order ad space, please use this link:  ORDER ADS

Requirements for 1/8 to full page ad space purchase:

  • Image for ad must be print ready (what does this mean? Check here)
  • Load your image(s) to a shared space where we can download (Google Drive / Dropbox / etc.) and include the URL so we can download the file(s).
  • File Types:
    • .jpg 300 ppi at actual size of ad.
    • .tif 300 ppi at actual size of ad with or without zip compression.
    • .pdf Please embed all fonts (or subset 100%). No OPI. Resolutions on color/grayscale images should 300 ppi at actual size and monochrome images 1200 ppi at actual size. Use Zip compression when available for color/grayscale images and CCITT group 4 compression for monochrome. No cropmarks or registration. The PDF should be the same size as mechanical requirements above .

Requirements for personal message:

  • Select the “personal ad” on the media purchase site
  • ATTENTION: Make sure that your message is 100 characters or less.  Anything over 100 characters will be cut off.


  • Purchase a half page or larger ad and receive recognition on our 2017 InterAm Sponsor page.
  • Donate items for the event or gift bags on an as needed basis to receive recognition on our 2017 InterAm sponsor page.

Ad space examples:

To order ad space, please use this link:  ORDER ADS